LIBERATE The Mission of Freedom Network International is to bring freedom to all victims of human trafficking and modern slavery.

By STRENGTHENING and IMPROVING the capacity of our law enforcement and judiciary partners through joint investigations, assisting local authorities in the prosecution and conviction of human-traffickers, and hands-on professional training, FNI is leading the fight against human trafficking on the African continent. These efforts have resulted in hundreds of arrests that resulted in multiple guilty convictions between 2016 and 2018.

Estimated number of
people in modern
slavery in Africa:

Global Slavery Index

Method The organization works in challenging and hostile environments combating all forms of human trafficking and modern slavery including sex trafficking, labor exploitation, child soldiers and child brides, forced marriage, debt bondage, ritualistic murder and child sacrifice.

FNI employs a multi-faceted approach combining prevention, detection and recovery efforts into one cohesive mission-set:

  • Partner with local law enforcement units including INTERPOL in trafficking investigations, arrests, and rescue activities.
  • Empower the capacity of law enforcement agencies in Africa to combat human trafficking and ritualistic murder more effectively through training, providing resources, and embedding FNI teams.
  • Assist prosecutorial authorities with all suspected human traffickers arrested and work with legal authorities to monitor the suspects.
  • Commission community-based, interactive prevention programs in vulnerable villages, districts, and regions.
  • Train and mentor survivors through economic empowerment and job creation programs.
  • Engage with and monitor rehabilitation organizations that assist rescued victims in their psychological recovery and reintegration back into society for full quality of life.

slavery generates
$150 billion in
illicit profits annually

International Labour Organization



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