HELP FNI make a difference.

You won’t see a lot of videos and press coverage about our organization. That is because FNI funnels every dollar and cent into the operations that save lives. Our team members are quiet professionals who risk their own personal safety to ensure freedom and quality of life for thousands of oppressed people all over sub-Saharan Africa. You won’t see their faces in news coverage because to reveal their identities would endanger future missions. And more importantly, we don’t want the sophisticated networks of criminal organizations that are funding human trafficking to know how the missions are accomplished.

For us, it’s all about the people we are trying to help. With that, we are reliant on our partners who have a passion for stopping these heinous crimes from occurring.

What we are doing is nothing short of saving lives one at a time.

Can we do this on our own? no.

The only way we are going to accomplish life-altering change in the world is through partnerships and vital connections with other individuals and organizations who love freedom and want to change the world.

Have you ever wanted to change the world?

We welcome you to join our team and support our ongoing efforts to free victims of human trafficking.

Yes, I want to help free victims of human trafficking.

Right now, there are children who have a chance to live normal lives.

Save those children from being ritually sacrificed.

Right now, there are women who are trapped in the horrors of modern slavery.

Help us rescue them and return them to their families.

Even a small donation can yield

tremendous results.

They need your donation.